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Hiding the Alleluia

February 6, 2015
With all the wonderful ideas out there, I always have grand plans to accomplish so many things with the kids, especially during Advent and Lent. I usually have to scale back quite a bit, but that is ok. We just keep trying to focus on something new each season. Last Lent we did enjoy doing many things together, but I wanted to share with you our most favorite thing. I was so excited about the idea of “Hiding the Alleluia” and actually doing that was as awesome as I’d hoped it would be. 

 I created an alleluia banner (Thanks to Lacy for the link to the printable letters! See above link) and had the kids put it in a box the night before Ash Wednesday. We discussed how we would not sing the “Alleluia” at all throughout Lent and that it would be very special to sing it again on Easter morning. The kids thought it was neat and we packed it away in a desk drawer to be taken out again on Easter morning. 

 I wanted to make sure bringing out the banner was special, so I decided that instead of just pulling it out on Easter morning I’d make it a fun event and created a scavenger hunt. The final clue would lead the girls to the Alleluia banner and we'd hang it up together. It turned out to be a really fun way to do an Easter egg hunt. 

 To do this I chose 8 “Resurrection Eggs” and numbered them. They had to find them in order from 1-8. Each egg had an item in it with a clue to lead the kids to the next egg.
Once they found the first egg they found the donkey inside. The inside message was this,
Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. What did the people lay down for Him?
When you figure it out, go find these for your next clue!

When the girls remembered that they laid down palms for Jesus they realized they had to go to our china cabinet where we had some palms, to find the next egg. Sitting on the palms was egg number 2. 

The item inside was a chalice.The message in this egg was,
What did Jesus teach us at The Last Supper? What special food was shared that night? When you figure it out go find this for your next clue!

This led them to bread in the kitchen. Here they found egg number 3 and in it was a set of praying hands.

The note said,
The praying hands remind us that even Jesus prayed when He was afraid. What is one special way we pray? When you figure it out go find your next clue!

The girls realized I meant for them to go to where we keep our Rosaries, in an old antique desk that belonged to my great aunt. In the drawer with the Rosaries was egg number 4. 

In it were nails in the shape of a cross, a crown of thorns and a whip. The message inside said,
These things represent how Jesus suffered for us. Can you find something upstairs that shows us this? You will find your next clue there!

This led them to a Crucifix upstairs. 

Egg number 5 had a lance in it. 

The message was,
When they pierced Jesus’ side what came out? What do we have that reminds us of this? Go downstairs to find this!

They were to go to our picture of The Divine Mercy and find egg number 6 near it. 

In this egg was a die.

The clue said,
When Jesus was on the cross the men gambled to see who would win his clothes. They acted like this was a game. Where do you think you can find your next clue? 

To find the next clue they had to go to our game closet. 

There they’d find egg number 7, containing a stone, and the message,
When Jesus died they laid Him in a tomb and put a stone in front of it. What happened on Easter morning? Go to the kitchen to find your next clue.

On the windowsill in the kitchen they found egg number 8. 

It was empty! The message inside said,
The stone was gone and the tomb was EMPTY!!!! What happened? What do we get to SING today???? Can you remember where we put this special word? Go find it and we will hang it up!

When the girls realized it was time to find the box we put away (so long ago to them!) they were thrilled!!

Here they are unpacking our Alleluia! It was a really fun way to put emphasis on the transition from the quiet, reflective time of Lent to the celebratory morning of Eater. The girls would like to do it again this year. I am hoping I can get creative enough to create new clues!

For more ideas for Lent you can see my past Lenten posts on my Feast Days and Liturgical Seasons page.  

Praying for many blessings for you this Lent,

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