Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Lady of Guadalupe-2013

Image from Catholic Tradition

December 12, 2013
Today is the feast of Our lady of Guadalupe. Inspired by this post and this one  I put together our own special dinner pulling from elements in the image. I didn't cover every symbolic element but here are some...

We set out some roses for Our Lady

To represent the sun behind Mary we created one with fruit

For the white clouds representing Heaven we used marshmallow fluff (against my better judgement!)
and the angels are made from puff pastry.   

Blueberries and 48 star shaped pretzels to represent Her mantle.

Sandwiches in the shape of praying hands just like Mary's.
I actually used scissors to cut the bread. it was much easier than a knife!

Spinach soup with star pasta
In searching for traditional foods to celebrate this feast day I came across  this simple recipe
(I used vegetable broth instead of beef, and star shaped pasta.)

Emily spent some time coloring this picture that we printed from Paper Dali.

And for dessert Rose Apple Pastries.

These were not that hard to make and I was pretty excited about how they turned out!

Earlier in the day we did end up making a Tilma of Roses for lunch.

Here is a nice explanation of the image that I found on EWTN.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Pray for us~

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