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Island Ponies Part 2

Ponies at Assateague

June 19, 2013
If you read part 1 I am sure you are aware of my significant love for horses as well as the seashore. So combine the two and I am about in Heaven! Because of this, when we read Misty of Chincoteague the first time, I ventured off into a unit study researching more about island ponies. I couldn't believe how many places wild ponies can be found along the East Coast. Today I will share with you some of the things we did for our study on island ponies. This seemed to naturally lead into a unit on the ocean and seashore. I will discuss that unit in another post sometime soon.

 My daughter was at the age where she was very interested in lapbooks, and let's face it, so was mom! So I decided to create a lapbook to enhance the process of learning about the wild ponies and to document what she learned. Below are the pictures and explanations of our Island Ponies lapbook.
{Many components inside my lapbooks come from Homeschool Share's free template section. }

Here is the cover. I just typed up the title and printed a photo I found online. Then I laminated both and used double sided tape to stick them to the front of a file folder... 

Here is the initial view of the inside. At the top there are two "matchbooks" with explanations of two different theories about how the ponies arrived on Assateague.

In the middle section I have added two flaps using blue card stock. On the blue flaps you can see a map of Assateague and Chincoteague as well as an accordian type of book. I can't find the template for that book now, but if you look below you can see some close ups of it. The green "accordion book" is a piece of construction paper that measures 10.5 x 5 inches. Along the length I created 6 folds that are each about 3/4 of an inch. (These folds should be in the middle, allowing for a front and back that are about 2.5 inches.) Then I glued the back into the lapbook. On each of these folds I glued a little square piece of card stock that showed the cover of a book we read for this unit. (I found images of each book cover on google images) The top and bottom rows of squares were glued on opposite sides of the folds. This allowed the flaps to go one direction on top and the other direction on the bottom.

 Here are two more close ups so you can see how the booklet works...

As you pull the front cover out the flaps will lay flat, revealing the pictures on the squares.

The rest of the middle section just has a few of our photos from our trips to Assateague and Chincoteague.

Here is the view of the inside once the two blue flaps are opened.

On the left we placed a map printout of the East Coast. On the map we labeled each place wild ponies can be found. On the right side you can see a "graduated layer book". This book has a page for each island or coastal town where wild ponies roam. Each flap has a photo of wild ponies from that place. (This was a great way for my daughter to learn to search the internet)

The middle has two "file folders" and a "mini accordion book". One file folder has a photo of the ponies swimming. Inside is an explanation of the annual Pony Swim. The second file folder has a photo of the cover of the book Misty of Chincoteague. Inside this folder my daughter wrote a little bit about Misty. 

The mini accordion book has little bits of information on each flap about how the ponies live.

A few of the books we used, in addition to Misty...

There are many more wonderful books on wild island ponies. These were just a few we really enjoyed.
To finish up our unit we watched Misty!
Here are a few links to some helpful websites:
And finally a few of our photos from Assateague...

 And Chincoteague...

I hope you have enjoyed our Island Ponies unit. I will post soon about our ocean and seashore unit. Until then, have fun learning about Misty and all the other wild ponies that roam our coast.
God bless, 

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