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Lenten Resources 2013

March 22, 2013
I have been wanting to share some things we have been using throughout Lent for a while now. Here I am finally!

One of my favorite things this Lent is our Crown of Thorns that I found at Waltzing Matilda. (Jessica at Shower of Roses led me there and was the inspiration behind the purple candle). I thought it was such a beautiful piece to use as a reminder of what Jesus did for us, but I loved it even more when I read this, "The idea is that the thorns represent Our Lord's many pains and sufferings for our salvation. When we make a sacrifice or offer an extra prayer, we remove a thorn hoping in some small way that our sacrifice will help make amends for the sins that caused the suffering Our Precious Lord endured." I was really touched by that and created our crown of thorns right away. Here it is! (directions are on the site I mentioned)

Here are some other things we have been doing...

On Sunday nights we have been trying to do a family Rosary and watch a DVD from our Catholicism Series collection, pictured below. Father Barron explains things about our faith beautifully. The other books are just a few I have pulled out. Little Rose of Sharon is a touching story of sacrifice. One of my favorites!

We have also been working on creating Stations of The Cross from the kit pictured below.

You can find the kit here at Illuminated Ink.

We have enjoyed working on them. They take a lot of time and we have only made 4 so far. I'm hoping to finish over the weekend or at least before Holy Week is finished!

Here are the four we have completed!

I cannot believe Lent is almost gone. I pray as we go into Holy Week that we can all be touched in a special way, by what Our God has done for us.
God bless,

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