Thursday, May 28, 2015

Playing With Money

April 12, 2013
My third grader is having a difficult time understanding money concepts, so once a week we "open our store" to practice money counting skills! She is a very hands-on learner so it helps her to touch, feel and use money instead of just looking at it in her math book. On the day we do this store game we put away the math book. This is her math lesson for that day. She sets up whatever she would like to have in her "store" and puts price tags on everything. We take out our play money and shop! We take turns being the shopper and the store clerk. But I always have her do the counting. ;)

Here is the money we use

This is a little card I put together to help her remember the values of the coins

And here are some photos of her store set up!

For now we are keeping things very simple. I am not even working on counting back change yet. She really needs to understand the concept of the coin values as well as quickly adding dollar amounts. The rest will come later.

Another great tool for learning money concepts is this Discovering Money Lapbook from Homeschool Share.

Have Fun!

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